What inspires your use of colour?

I simply use colours I like. It really is very one dimensional with no great meaning!
I never start a painting with any major ideas, often I’ll have colours in mind that I want to use and I go from there, letting it develop and paint itself. That said, my use of colour is strongly linked to ideas of emotion and my own memories of nature and skies.

Why do your paintings have women’s names?

Everyone always asks me why they’re named after women. It actually began simply as a means of identifying one from another, thus helping me keep track of where they all were, also enabling me to talk about them easily. Standard names for abstract paintings always sound a bit pretentious or silly when I come up with them, and I didn’t like ‘Untitled’ either, so I started naming them after friends, acquaintances and characters from books. For some reason, they’re pretty much always women’s names, although the odd man’s name gets in there from time to time. This is probably due to the feminine nature of my work as a whole

How do you determine when to stop working on a painting? What qualities do you think a finished piece should possess?

I don’t know! I just know when they’re finished all of a sudden. It’s weird…
That said, I think a finished piece has to have good composition, depth, a wee bit of mystery, a lot of interest in brush-strokes and marks, but ultimately I couldn’t tell you. It’s strange, I’ll sometimes sit down in front of a piece thinking I’ll need to give it a few more days, and a few brush-strokes later it’s done. I get much more cautious with the brush towards the end of a painting!

Is there anywhere I can view your work?

Box Galleries carry several pieces at any one time and they’re also happy to do home/office visits with works. They’re based in Wimbledon, London and their contact details can be found by following this link.
You can also check my News page for details of exhibitions, events, and details of works on loan. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to see additional images of any of the paintings, or simply head over to my Flickr page where there are different views of available works in my ‘Alternate Views’ set.

Do you work to commission?

Sometimes, generally for art consultants with a nice loose brief, such as a series of paintings to match a particular colour-scheme.
If you’re after a copy (of sorts) of an existing piece then be warned, I will probably unintentionally paint something completely different. The truth is that I feel extremely hesitant when painting ‘similar’ works, like I have to restrain myself; I tend to over-think these pieces, and they subsequently seem to lack something.

Can I use your images on my blog?

You can and welcome. They’re all over Tumblr in any case, but it is appreciated if you let me know you’re using them.

Why don’t you sign your paintings?

I sign and date each piece on the back (usually on the frame) but rarely on the front. If you have a piece which is signed on the front then it’s probably an earlier one, say from 2008 – 2010. The reason I don’t sign the front of my paintings is because I don’t think it ever looks very good! My signature is fairly big and clunky looking and I can never get it right if I’m painting it… I don’t know, it just seems to detract from the work in my eyes.
That said, if it’s important to you that I sign your piece, then just let me know and I will do so.


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