17th March 2014


Hello. I’ve been busy, working on a commission (which I found really hard despite the client being super easy-going & lovely…). It’s difficult when painting is hard, it shouldn’t be hard and it’s not like I’m doing portrait painting or anything. Oh well. Here is the piece, titled Odette & painted on a 120 x 120 cm canvas. It’s off to Australia later this week which is very exciting for it, I think most people would like to follow it and have an adventure. Here’s a random piece of information about me though, I hate travelling, particularly overseas. I think most people would love to travel to Australia! I’d very much rather stay here, I always say to Rich that I’m happy to see these distant lands from the comfort of my sofa thank you very much!


The other photos are of a new piece and Griselda on the wall with James’s kitchen dangerously close to her. Might have to re-think the kitchen’s location… I finished the cardigan I cast on in the new year (Firth o’ Forth by Kate Davies), yes it took me nearly two and a half months to knit but it was so worth it, it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever knit. Sorry for the cheesy ‘gazing to the side’ selfie (the camera was perched on top of the wheelie bin), it’s that sort of photo or one of me with a terrible rictus grin. I will share some of my scary rictus grin photos on here one day!!!

Till next time… I took delivery of ten 100 x 100 stretcher frames this morning (from the miserable TNT delivery guy who always just grunts at me*), these are to be stretched, sized and painted and then lent out to offices. I like that sort of opportunity so I said yes although it’s suddenly dawned on me that I have to crack on with them super-fast.

*Speaking of the miserable TNT man, I think he delivers to me as a revenge (of sorts – from the universe, naturally) for my own miserable grunty years in catering – I was bloody awful to some of my poor customers and I still feel no remorse because I was nice to the nice ones!!! Ha ha.