17th Feb 2014


Here’s a piece I painted the other day after sending ‘Lauren’ off. I wanted to keep the yellow theme going and to explore it a little further. I also feel like I’ve got stuck painting the same painting over and over, although I’ve always been the same, ever since college. I get stuck on a theme or style and it takes a while to break out of it. This piece reminds me very much of the first paintings I made at uni, they had vast empty areas, drips, and the more concentrated sections of ‘goings on’.

But I had this hanging in the lounge so I could see how I felt about it and it started making me a bit uneasy as it reminded me of someone else’s work. I do worry about that sort of thing, I’d hate to knowingly rip someone off! – I did check, and it’s fine, it was the colours more than anything!