17th Feb 2014


Here’s a piece I painted the other day after sending ‘Lauren’ off. I wanted to keep the yellow theme going and to explore it a little further. I also feel like I’ve got stuck painting the same painting over and over, although I’ve always been the same, ever since college. I get stuck on a theme or style and it takes a while to break out of it. This piece reminds me very much of the first paintings I made at uni, they had vast empty areas, drips, and the more concentrated sections of ‘goings on’.

But I had this hanging in the lounge so I could see how I felt about it and it started making me a bit uneasy as it reminded me of someone else’s work. I do worry about that sort of thing, I’d hate to knowingly rip someone off! – I did check, and it’s fine, it was the colours more than anything!




11th Feb 2014


I always like to have a good clear out after doing a commission. I kind of rush about when I’m making something for someone rather than just for myself, and stuff ends up everywhere – and by everywhere I mean the floor. I’m very much a dump it and close the door on it kind of girl.

Rich made the wooden tray in the top two photos. It’s designed for me to size my canvases on as rabbit skin glue is so sticky and ends up everywhere and often there’ll be paper stuck to the bottom of the canvas once I’m finished. So he appeared the other day with the tray which will be useful for resting work on while I paint it too!

7th Feb 2014

How is it Friday again already!? The hours just fly by… Oh well! Here’s some pictures of the commission I’ve been working on, and two surprise pieces. The clients had purchased a piece in 2013 for their new extension and were just lovely customers. When they got back in touch early in January about a possible second piece for their living room I was definitely up for the challenge. They wanted a piece with yellow as the predominant colour – a colour I don’t usually use and it was tricky but I got there with it in the end and really enjoyed myself – expect more yellow to come in the next few weeks. They requested that I name the piece after one of their three daughters, it being much fairer if I did it.. Could I do it? No! I’m one of three girls and I thought it would be fun to paint two little extra pieces (I had loads of sized tiny canvases in the studio), so that’s what I did – I love a good surprise!



The paintings are titled Lauren, Nicole and Kristen – lovely names. Lauren was one of our name choices on the girl side both times round, but this has definitely turned out to be a boy house! Cars, trucks, lorries, diggers, tractors, stuff with wheels, the bigger the better as far as James is concerned. I honestly had no idea they even made such big trucks, those humongous mining trucks are just unbelievable and are bigger than our house I swear – very, very impressive. I’ll leave you with my son James’s favourite video at the moment – German heavy metal and giant trucks – it’s compelling viewing although it makes me a little sad about our modern world. James just LOVES the trucks and shouts ‘Look mum! Oh no! The wheels have come off!!!’ he also dances to the Eisbrecher soundtrack – I’m not usually a metal fan but Eisbrecher are pretty good!