26th January 2014

So my New Year’s resolution was to work harder and I’m kind of getting there now. Have been feeling like hell because of the baby’s night waking, plus there always seems to be so much to do. I’m trying to fit everything in and starting to get somewhere with it all although I continue to wish I could stop time for a bit, or at least fit more into the time I have. I need to relax really, that would be the sensible thing to do, but no! There’s far too much laundry and the carpet needs hoovering and I can’t stand the mess!!!

I finished some small paintings anyway, here are 3 of them. They’re called Nella, Lucy and Anni. Nella for the wartime writer Nella Last, an ordinary woman who took part in the Mass Observation project and whose diary was published at some point. It’s a fascinating read. Lucy. Why Lucy? I can’t remember now, it seemed a good name at the time and I used to love the Lucy and Tom books by Shirley Hughes. There was a lovely Lucy in my year at school too, she was a lot of fun. Anni after a recent customer whose name I just loved – what a nice way to spell it!




2 thoughts on “26th January 2014

  1. georgie! what an incredible treasure you are, what talent! your knitting is gorgeous and then I saw your paintings. and you are a beauty too, my goodness.

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