14th January 2014

I literally have never been tired like this before. I know I shouldn’t complain, I did choose to have my children after all, but it is a bloody nightmare at the moment. Oliver isn’t as easy as James was, James had naps, James slept through the night.. Yes, he was hard work too but not like this. Oliver seems to fight sleep with all of his might. I keep telling myself it’s just a phase and that I will sleep again, one day I will be able to sleep as much as I like. I’m even looking forward to being an old lady, actually looking forward to it. I think about it when I’m woken up by one of the boys in the night, and I just want to cry because I’ve been woken up, again…


Anyway! Enough baby talk… I decided last week that I would try painting with acrylics, you know, they dry fast, you can wash your brushes in water… What’s not to like? They sell themselves quite well, until you start working with them that is – they’re impossible to learn! I particularly hate the way they streak across the canvas. But I always did give up easily, well, at things I’m really not enjoying. I didn’t give up on oil paints because they smell so good, they feel good to work with, they look the best and I honestly just love them. I suppose sometimes it’s nice to wait a while for things, like the painting above, I finished that the other night but it’s been ongoing for about a month or two (blame the sprogs…). It’s the layers and layers and blending I like.




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