30th Decemeber 2013

I wasn’t sure about starting a new blog, I’ve been trying to use my Facebook page as a blog of sorts but it’s pretty piss poor as a blogging tool. Not good for much but snapshots and links really! And addiction, it’s so annoyingly addictive, browsing though the mundanity of other peoples’ lives. I’m still not sure whether I want/need a Facebook Fan Page, I’ve hastily deleted it in the past before now and feel like doing that again now. It just seems the thing to do for an artist, to get on all the forms of social media available!!! Get a Twitter account, get a Flickr account, get an Instagram account and get a Facebook Fan Page. Don’t forget LinkedIn, Behance and Pinterest. Problem is, they’re all a bit rubbish really and like I said before, they take up/waste so much time.

It’s so much upkeep, so many boring emails and so much wasted time. I don’t know, I think I’m just feeling a bit grumpy today! I started an Instagram account a few days ago just because of this blog, it gave me the option to have lots of those little buttons/icons for people to click on to connect via the social media. Those icons are also addictive, it’s like collecting those NSPCC badges in primary school – remember those? You got a different colour for each milestone amount of money you raised. I generally only got two badges, I remember being so jealous of a girl who’d got all of the available colours. Kind of misses the point, that maybe we were supposed to be being educated about child cruelty? Or perhaps they were playing on a child’s compulsion to collect the colourful badges, and in doing so raising more money than if they’d tried by a different method.

But I digress… I haven’t had a proper blog for such a long time and there often seems to be so many things I want to write down but mainly my own boring opinions on things. I’ve always edited myself a LOT online, I think it must take real balls for a person to be themselves totally themselves online (I wanted to write ‘themself’ there but the Oxford English Dictionary says NO!). Even people I know in real life often project a different persona on the internet and I’d say I’m guilty too, what with those profile pictures where I’m gazing into the distance because I look really awful if I look straight at the camera. Cheating you all!

———————– UPDATE————————–

It’s January the first and I have deleted pretty much all of my social media, I kept my (secret) Twitter account (it has a stupid name so nobody interested in my paintings would find it) because it’s a free method of messaging my sisters – but that may go too, in time!
I did keep Ravelry and Pinterest but they’re kind of different, Ravelry’s knitting and counts as a legitimate hobby, Pinterest, hmm… How to justify Pinterest? It’s nice to look at and I’m a visual person – there!


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